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I created this website out of my mutual love of web design and anime. The goal was to create a niche site that targeted specific keywords, and see if I could reach #1 on them. After a lot of learning, and trial and error, the website slowly climbed the SEO ladder and gained traffic.

Today, the site sits at #1 for all of its respective keywords, and more that I didn't even think of. Over a thousand people use the site a day, and many have reached out to thank me for my creation. It's crazy just how amazing this little side project of mine turned out to be.

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1,150 Avg. Daily Users

A consistent user base comprised of new and returning users

3,750 Avg. Daily Pageviews

Users interact with multiple pages per session

161 Diff. Countries

Utilized by anime lovers around the world

Responsive Design

Works on any device or screen size


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